Used Pinball Parts - Game Specific



Original part# indicates the playfield plastics available.

These part# are printed on the playfield plastics.

Other available playfield plastics and parts listed by description.

In yellow = Latest Update




"Bally Hoo"


Top left, Middle right


Left slingshot, Right slingshot


"Black Jack"


M-1330-134-1, M-1330-134-2


M-1330-134-3, M-1330-134-7, M-1330-134-11


M-1330-134-8, M-1330-134-10, M-1330-134-12


M-1330-134-5, M1330-134-4


"Campus Queen"


Top plastic upper left side, Bottom plastic upper left side


Bottom plastic upper right side, Top plastic upper right side


Upper middle plastic left side, Lower middle plastic left side

Middle bottom and middle top plastic right side

Lower right side plastic


Left slingshot plastic, Right slingshot plastic



"Captain Fantastic"


M-1330-126-2, M1330-126-5


M-1330-126-6, M-1330-126-7, M-1330-126-4, M-1330-128-2


M-1330-126-1, M-1330-126-9




M-1330-190-2, M-1330-190-10


"Creature From The Black Lagoon"



"Dolly Parton"



"Eight Ball"


M-1330-143-4, M-1330-143-6, M-1330-143-11, M-1330-143-12

M-1330-143-?, to the left of guide lanes




M-1330-186-6, M1330-186-2, M1330-186-9


"Evel Knievel"


M-133-135-11, M-1330-135-2




M-1330-135-6, M-1330-135-7, M-1330-135-10




M-1330-187-4, M-1330-187-12


"Flip Flop"


M-1330-124-1, M-130-124-2


M-1330-115-1, M-1330-115-2


M-1330-115-3, M-1330-115-4


M-1330-115-6, M-1330-115-7, M-1330-115-8




M-1330-137-5, M-1330-137-9, M-1330-137-8




M-1330-178-1, M-1330-178-6, M-1330-178-4, M-1330-178-3, M-1330-178-5, M-1330-178-8


"Mata Hari"

M-1330-141-10 (small crack)


M-1330-141-4, M-1330-141-5


M-1330-141-7, M-1330-141-6


"Night Rider"


M-1330-129-1, M-1330-129-6


M-1330-129-8, M-1330-129-10


M-1330-129-5, M-1330-130-2


M-1330-130-1, M-1330-129


M-1330-129-3, M-1330-129-4







M-1330-161-4, M-1330-161-5, M-1330-161-6


"See Saw"


Top Left / Top Right


Middle / Middle Right


Left / Right Slingshot


"Silverball Mania"



M-1330-159-2, 2 x M-1330-159-3, M-1330-159-8


M-1330-159-10, M-1330-159-7, M-1330-159-9


M-1330-159-5, M-1330-159-6, M-1330-159-11




M-1330-179-1, M-1330-179-2, M-1330-179-7


"Space Time & Time Zone"



"Star Trek"


M-1330-154-2, M-1330-154-11, M-1330-154-5, M-1330-154-13, M-1330-154-12, M-1330-154-15


"Strikes and Spares"


Top left, Top right


M-1330-150-5, M-1330-150-4




M-1330-138-9, M-1330-138-1


M-1330-138-5, M-1330-138-2, M-1330-138-6




M-1330-175-9, M-1330-175-7


M-1330-175-11, M-1330-175-1


M-1330-175-8, M-1330-175-6


M-1330-175-3, M-1330-175-10


M-1330-175-4, M-1330-175-2



Bell Games

"Pinball Pool"

Bumper caps (5 pcs)



Data East

"Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle And Friends"



830-5445-18, Upper Right

Bumper caps


Bicycle background, Bicycle


830-5445-07, 830-5445-12, 830-5445-14, Right Middle


830-5445-30, Buzz Saw, 830-5445-31


830-5445-10, 830-5445-20


Right Inlane, Right Inlane Transparent




"Card Whiz" - "Royal Flush"


A-15642, A-15638


"Foto Finish"

Bumpercaps, 2 pcs.


"Mars God Of War"

Bumper caps (4 pcs)


"Top Score" - "300"


C-15296, B-16175, B-16176


A-15293, A-13785





Bumper Cap ("10000 when lit" square)



Stern Electronics




13C-101-6, 13A-101-4, 13A-101-2




23C-101-M, 23C-101-1L


13B-103-7, 13A-103-2






30C-359-5, 30C-359-6, 30C-359-7, 30C-359-8, 30C-359-9




564-13SP, 564-16SP


"Dealer's Choice"

30C-433-1, 30C-433-2, 30C-433-5, 30C-433-6, 30C-433-7







30C-486-1, 30C-486-2, 30C-486-3


30C-486-4, 30C-486-5, 30C-486-7


"Hot Tip"


30C-474-1, 30C-474-7





567-5-SP, 567-4-SP, 567-3-SP, 567-10-SP


567-7-SP, 567-6-SP


"Lucky Seven"


30C-476-1, 30C-476-4, 30C-476-7


"Pot O' Gold"





30C-494-3, 30C-494-5, 30C-494-6



30C-494-1, 30C-494-2


"Space Mission & Space Odyssey"

30C-462 & 464-4


"Star Pool"


30C-453-1, 30C-453-2, 30C-453-3, 30C-453-4, 30C-453-7


"Student Prince"


30C-350-1, 30C-350-2, 30C-350-3, 30C-350-4


30C-350-5, 30C-350-6, 30C-350-7, 30C-350-8